Il Gusto di Viaggiare

About us

LogoWe are travelers unpretentious, last minute-organizers, lovers of our Tuscany, but eager to make some step a little ‘further.
Whether for a day, a weekend, a month .. we want to explore and experiment the colors, the smells, the tastes of new different places.

With a piece of our heart always at home ..

Why we felt the need to start a blog, amid the thousands that already exist ..?
We traveled little, and very close to our hometown, Florence, but we’re going to continue to explore our surroundings, and maybe move a little ‘further.
We decide from morning till night, without any kind of planning. We welcome the suggestion of someone, or we go to places that we remember from when we were kids. But we don’t set the way, don’t book the camp, we don’t establish when to retourn, we leave all options open, so that we carry only the mood of the moment.

When we travel we are at the mercy of our instincts …

But obviously we have to eat! Indeed, dine on vacation is one of the main life’s pleasures, because it is a good opportunity to abound (to make the tourists consume a lot of energy!) and experiment with new dishes. And a good meal makes the life better!
In our disorganization and in our last-minute choices, we had some swindle, but also some tasty and cheap surprise .. that we decided to tell, to advise those who, like us, want to eat well and quickly.

So if you happen to go to a place we reviewed, be confident and try to follow our tips .. your tummy will thank you!

Today, Sunday, February 23, 2014, was born  “The Taste of Shooting
Neither is a photographer, but sometimes we like to immortalize a beautiful sunset, a particularly bright sea, our pets playing ..
We decided to publish them in a special space without distracting chatter.
We hope to improve gradually .. although a simple dated mobile sometimes can do wonders!